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Vanquish | PC vs. PS3 | Side-by-Side Comparison

Last Summer SEGA ported the PlatinumGames classic Vanquish to PC. Let's compare 2017's PC version vs. the original 2010 PS3 release. Full Review in
English: http://www.xtgamer.de/en/2017/07/13/review-vanquish-on-pc/
German: http://www.xtgamer.de/2017/07/13/im-test-vanquish-auf-dem-pc/ PC configuration:
CPU: Core i5-4460 3.2 GHz
RAM: 8 GB DDR2-1066
GPU: Radeon HD 280 OC 3 GB 1.072 MHz / 1.250 MHz
Res: 1920×1080
FPS: possibly around 60 FPS PS3:
Res: 1920×1080
Game Res: 1280×720
FPS: locked at 30 FPS Game: Vanquish
System: PC, PS3 (also on 360)
Audio/Subs/Text: English/German/German
Full Playthrough: no
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