Free Games Friday

Free Games Friday: ORION, Van Helsing & Velocity Ultra

Zu Seite 1 für den deutschen Text! Just like our fellow colleagues of the Humble Bundle we took a break of our weekly giveaways but now we’re back and have seven games for you! Your’s to win are:

  • ORION: Dino Horde (Coop Shooter versus evil dinos, 3x for PC via Steam)
  • The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing (Diablo-like RPG, 1x for PC via Steam)
  • Velocity Ultra (Teleport Shooter, 3x for PS Vitas via European PlayStation Stores)

How to win? Just login with your e-mail or Facebook account in the widget below and collect as many entries as possible via Twitter follow, Facebook like, Tweet (You can do this daily!) and Blog Comment. In each of the steps there’s an opportunity for you to do these steps right away and then you must confirm each via the green button (just like with Electronic Payment just don’t give us your PIN).

As always we encourage you to only use 1 e-mail/account. Contempt will be punished by exclusion.

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The competition lasts until September 3 midnight (GMT+2, 3 PM US Pacific, 6 PM US Eastern), good luck!

Zu Seite 1 für den deutschen Text!

  1. MuchosMuffins

    Orion wär lustig, Van Helsing ist ein Klasse Game, deswegen hab ich es natürlich schon 😉

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