Indie Games Day-Verlosung: Eure Meinung ist gefragt!

Passend zum weltweiten Indie Games Day verlosen wir ein paar tolle Games für PC und das PlayStation Network.

Der Indie Games Day feiert die Innovation und Zugkraft des Indie-Marktes, der sich dieser Tage in einem stetigen Boom befindet. Wir verlosen 2 Codes den exzellenten Arcade-Shooter Velocity, 2 Codes für das PlayStation 3-Jump’n’Run Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of Time und insgesamt 3 PC-Codes für The Journey Down. Das war es aber noch nicht. Wir verlosen außerdem 1 Xbox Live-Code für Trials: Evolution!

Was müsst ihr dafür tun? Hinterlasst einfach einen Kommentar und erzählt über euer Lieblings-Indie Game. Wir suchen dann die schönsten Geschichten raus und vergeben die Gewinne. Vergesst nicht zu erwähnen, was ihr gewinnen wollt.

Hier noch einmal die Preise:

  • 2x für PS3/PSP/Vita Velocity (nur in Europa einlösbar)
  • 2x für PS3 Doc Clock: The Toasted Sanwich of Time (nur in Europa einlösbar)
  • 3x für PC The Journey Down (einzulösen über GamersGate.com)
  • 1x für Xbox 360 Trials: Evolution

Die Aktion läuft bis Freitag 23:59:59 Uhr (GMT+1). Wir würden uns freuen, wenn ihr die Aktion per Twitter, Facebook und sonstigem Social-Kram teilt. Viel Erfolg!

  1. Eloi

    My favorite indie game is: Alien Zombie Megadeath not only it is a fun game but it is also a challenging one because not every one can master the fine art of getting all the medals, add to it leaderboards for replayability and you get yourself a fantastic game that PomPom Games was able to transform from a minis to a full ps3 game.

    I already have Velocity and I own only a ps3 so just put me in the raffle for Doc Clock if I win, I’m not much off a pc gamer and I don’t have Xbox so only Doc Clock would be the viable choice for me into the raffle.

    Thanks Xtgamer and good luck for the rest of the people


    My favorite indie game as of lately is FEZ. Not only is it a prime example how games of yesteryear can be adapted to modern gameplay standards, but it is also a game that dares you to think hard about the puzzles without forcing you to solve them. It was such a rewarding experience to collect all cubes. I haven’t made notes for a video game in ages.

    I love everything about this game, especially the literally stellar soundtrack. The ending touched me deeply, even though the idea behind it is not new at all there aren’t many games today that pick up on that existential theme and incorporate it the way FEZ has.
    The last time I felt like that after watching Carl Sagan’s Cosmos for the first time.

    Thanks for the chance to win! I’d really like to have that Trials Evolution code.

  3. Skull

    My favorite indie game is Miner Dig Deep because i greatly enjoy planing mines and just diggin deeper and deeper

  4. Elizabeth

    My favorite indie game is LIMBO. It was one of those games I was surprised to like so much. It has no color, nobody speaks, and there is not much replay value. But at the same time, it makes for a game experience I never had before. It’s like playing through an artsy movie. The lack of all the explosions and action found in other games, made LIMBO seem like a calm experience…until my little guy ran into his first bear trap. It has such a great creepy, moody atmosphere to it..I only wanted to play it at night! Very cool game.

    Thanks for the giveaway! I’m not eligible for the Europe codes, but I’d love to win Trials Evo. 🙂

  5. Alvaro Garcia

    I would have to say my favorite indie game has to be super meat boy. I love the game because it isn’t only challenging and fun but because of the pop culture and video game references in the game. The platforming is fun and fast and even though you die a lot you never really feel as if you were cheated, but you try to improve and finish the stages faster. And as for the give away I would love to play Trials Evo.

  6. Rafael

    I, like many here may also, like indie games a lot! I think of it as a group and it´s hard for me to choose only one. Well, guess I´ll have to talk about one or this comment would get really big.
    Shatter is a really great game! It´s soundtrack is amazing – ‘Module’ did a very nice job! – the gravity influence over the block breakers feels good, discharging all the ‘cristals’ at once as a special and using the shield for protection or to turn them into projectiles made this retro styled game a very enjoyable experience to me and my girlfriend.
    I´m mostly a PC gamer, and would love to try ‘The Journey Down’ later.
    Thanks XTgamer crew and good luck for everybody! Have a good time! 😉

    P.S.: Use the Mood stuff (Excited / Fascinated / Amused / Bored / Sad / Angry) at the end of the posts to show some feedback people!

    1. XTgamerPatrick

      I think the MoodThingy is not working for everyone in the English version. As I noted on the right side one should then to ze German version to use not working site features.

  7. XTgamerPatrick

    Here are the winners: Elizabeth won Trials: Evolution, Rafael won The Journey Down and Eloi won Doc Clock. Still waiting on a reply from Neo and Skull. Check your Twitter and e-mail. Congrats to the winners. Good luck next time. Thanks

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