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Free Games Friday: Mars – War Logs & Guacamelee Gold Edition

Besucht Seite 1 für die deutsche Version.

Mars: War Logs is a Sci-Fi RPG similiar to the likes of Mass Effect in terms of focussing on decisions that change your progress and building up emotional relationships to other characters. But this time the white knight in shining armour doesn’t save the galaxy. Instead you have to protect an innocent prisoner-of-war girl against the mistreatment. Our opinion of the newly released game will be posted soon via Merlin’s review.

Not much has to be said about Guacamelee! as we reviewed the PSN version back in April. The Luchador (Wrestler) Juan returns on PC to defend Mexico from the disgruntled skeleton horseman Carlos while listening to some groovy Mariachi beats. The Gold Edition is out on Steam since yesterday and contains both released DLC which we’ll cover soon. In the launch week you save 10% and get Mutant Blobs Attack for free, a similarly hilarious jump’n’run telling the tale of a few blobs that were held captive and are now onto some delicious revenge on humanity.

Your’s to win are

  • 3x Mars: War Logs (choose between Xbox 360, PC via Steam and PlayStation 3)
  • 2x Guacamelee! Gold Edition (PC via Steam)

How to enter? Just log into Rafflecopter with name & e-mail (no account needed) and enter via

  • Blog comment,
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On August 14 we’ll decide the winners, so you can enter until August 13, good luck!

  1. Antarael Dulacre

    Mars: War Logs für die Xbox wäre interessant, aber ich wäre auch nicht traurig über die anderen Preise =D

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