XTgamer.de-Adventskalender – Türchen #02

In unserem Adventskalender erwartet Euch auf XTgamer.de jeden Tag eine neue Gaming-Überraschung.

Werft einen Blick auf das nachfolgende Gewinnspiel-Widget, um die Preise einzusehen und an der Verlosung teilzunehmen. Wie immer gilt die Faustregel, 1 Teilnahme pro Person und wir können nicht garantieren, dass ihr einen oder euren Wunsch-Gewinn absahnt. Viel Erfolg & eine schöne Adventszeit!

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  1. nopecat

    The Man Behind the Story of Father Christmas/Santa Claus. St. Nicholas was a Bishop who lived in the fourth century in a place called Myra in Asia Minor (now called Turkey).

  2. Victoria Lindsey

    Christmas is a great time of the year, its when we should all be getting along and be nice to each other. Atleast for a day, there is no need for religion aspects. Unless you believe in that. Then go ahead 🙂 we always get together, my family and we atleast try to get one thing for each other. Good times.

  3. Asimb0mb

    Thanks for the opportunity to get a copy of this awesome game!

    Christmas for me has always been about giving and getting. Same goes for gaming. My brother gifted me some of my favorite games for Christmas when I was too young to buy games myself. Now that I’m old enough to have a job and buy games myself, I always ask if my brother wants a game around Christmas time. If he does, I always buy it for him. Giving and getting.

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