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MiXT Bag #07 Sayonara, Rin

2019’s silly season (July to September) was packed with exciting video game releases, join us in looking back on it.

MiXT Bag #05 NintE3ndo saved the day

Discussing EA PLAY, Bethesda, Devolver, PC Gaming Show, Ubisoft, Square Enix, Nintendo & our highlights concludes this year’s podcast trilogy concerning E3 2019.

MiXT Bag #03 A Fading Expo

E3 2019 is almost here, but how relevant is the gaming event nowadays? MiXT BAG discusses the confirmed line-up and possible additions.

MiXT Bag #02 A Year in Review

A year in review: MiXT BAG reflects on video game releases in 2018 and takes a look into what 2019 may have in store for us.