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Giveaway: LEGO Batman 3, King Oddball, Agarest GoW2

We give away 8 games for the next 7 days for almost every cur­rent plat­form!

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

Sin­ce 2001 Traveler’s Tales has released a who­le lot of 20 video games based on well known fran­chies set in the clas­sic LEGO look. What’s new in the third LEGO Bat­man? This time Bat­man joins forces with super heroes such as Super­man, Iron Man, Won­der- and Cat­wo­man to fight Brai­niac in space. Just like Halo 3 you can join the batt­le in space. You can win the Xbox 360 ver­si­on inclu­ding the Sea­son Pass with every down­load expan­si­on ever released for the game.

King Oddball

From the devs of Ten­nis in your Face. This time you don’t have to fight the drug mafia as ten­nis legend of the past, ins­tead you are using your giant tongue to defeat the inco­m­ing mili­ta­ry. Quirk­ly litt­le game with mas­si­ve boom and pure focus on game­play. You can win a Play­Sta­ti­on 4 game code for eit­her European or North Ame­ri­can regi­on, depen­ding whe­re you come from.

Agarest: Generations of War 2

We are cur­r­ent­ly in the pro­cess of reviewing the re-release of Aga­rest: GoW2, the PC ver­si­on of the popu­lar Ani­me stra­te­gy role play­ing game. The game offers a rich stra­te­gy envi­ron­ment with mas­si­ve RPG ele­ments, a whop­ping 80 hours of game time and the typi­cal ani­me touch as in “Enga­ge in Bath­tub, Shi­atsu, and Mas­sa­ge mini-games”. Steam code to be given away!

Blok Drop U

The game tasks you with various chal­len­ges to des­troy blocks while kee­ping the one block from fal­ling into the abyss. The simp­le visu­als are rem­nis­cent of echochro­me, the game­play may­be not as rich, but a fun litt­le puz­zle game for the Wii U (North Ame­ri­can code).


Z-Run is a 3D zom­bie end­less run­ner. If you play­ed the cha­se sequen­ces in Yaku­za: Dead Souls, you can ima­gi­ne how that plays out. Dodge bar­ri­ers and cars while figh­t­ing off hor­des of street zom­bies. Code is for eit­her EU or North Ame­ri­can regi­on for Play­Sta­ti­on Vita.

Good luck!

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  1. Phil Zacharias

    Wir müs­sen mal wie­der ne Run­de zocken 😉

    Wür­de mich über Lego Bat­man für Xbox freu­en

  2. A Parker

    I’m fin­ding more and more I just want a bite size sum­ma­ry of the weeks news, so a fre­quent “this week in games” is what I look for. Pod­cast form is my pre­fer­red for­mat, text next, and video last.

    I’m in this raff­le for Lego bat­man 3, En/NA


  3. rogannn

    In the future may­be have givea­ways along with game reviews so users can judge if they are inte­rested in the game. Sign me up for Lego Bat­man 3 or Aga­rest: Genera­ti­ons of War 2 🙂

  4. Shawn Sigurdson

    I was thin­king, may­be a forum on the site whe­re visi­tors can have dis­cus­sions about video games and other tech talk.
    For the givea­way I’ll enter for Aga­rest: Genera­ti­ons of War 2. Thanks.

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